Almost-August status update

Well, having a blog and posting here once per month is a bad practice, yeah?


  1. I’m alive (hooraay!) but I’ve been playing ESO for few months every day and I’m burned out, that’s why lots of planned post got delayed. They even kicked me from one guild for not being too active xD Everyone needs a break from time to time and since it’s nice outside…
  2. POKEMON GO! Power bank is already in delivery and I’m doing a researchy research refreshing Reddit every five minutes in order to find new bits of ingame mechanics, new features, and to know when those damn servers are finally up and not DDoSed AF. So as you can’t play PoGo sitting on your butt (well, you can but it’s like playing chess with a pigeon, shitting on a board won’t make you win) I’m a little bit more often outside. And being outside = not being inside = less ganking in The Sewers.
  3. I have a kitten! 😀
    Maciuƛ the Cat

    And he’s a naughty little boy constantly seeking attention and he loves to cuddle and to sleep on my lap. He usually wakes up when Molag Kena is at 25% health and helps our party with his fluffy paws!



  4. My Grandpa died. Literally few minutes after posting my build I went to check if everything is alright and he didn’t woke up that morning. Aside from obvious mourning stuff now I’m the one paying bills, cleaning the dishes, doing things and because of that I can’t just be sitting on my butt playing games all the time. And that’s the main reason of my recent inactivity. So I wanted to apologize to everyone anyone who lurks here from time to time but times are hard for me and now I have other priorities and such…

I hope things get better soon. I won’t quit ESO, I just need a “tiny” break.


So, enjoy the summer guys! 🙂

Reaper’s Blade – Melee Stamina Nightblade build for Dark Brotherhood!

Greetings, and welcome to the first official Kha’jira’s build!

In this guide, Dis One will show you her way of stabbing things more stabbingly! This build is designed for PvE content of the game and focuses on maximizing DPS for Stamina Nightblades. Our main weapon of choice will be Double Daggers and as a backup weapon we’ll use a Bow.

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What is a Lore Patch?

The Lore Patch is like an eye patch.

c64f57ecd20c132f4f8e3d5d00035bdbWhen something is lacking, or looks bad, or you can’t do anything with it because that’s how it is and how it works – the easiest and most elegant way to deal with it is to cover it with something so epic that no one cares about That Bad And Stupid Thing that is being covered.

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