Dmuchawce, latawce, wiatr…

Usual day spent on fishing fishies in Stormhaven.


At first, I barely noticed it. And then was that “Hey! What the hell is dat?” moment…

Screenshot_20160210_134339 Screenshot_20160210_134440b

Attention to details in Elder Scrolls Online sometimes just blows my mind. Really, just think about it. There was a dude, at Zenimax Online Studios, who just implemented flying dandelion seeds, that are barely recognisable from regular dust, to just flow randomly, for less than one minute, while I’m fishing, BECAUSE. Yeah, that’s the reason, just because.

And people are still complaining about Azura lag, lack of endgame content (while rushing through all the quests) and other weird blatant things.

Sometimes the only thing you need to do is just stop for a moment, and look around, enjoying flying dandelions.

Then you can farm your Perfect Roe AFTER that >:D

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